The Geosciences Division (GD) shall undertake land and marine geoscientific surveys (including mineral exploration, geologic mapping, geohazard assessment, groundwater resource exploration and vulnerability assessment, and engineering gelogical and geo-environmental studies) and provide geological laboratory and information services.

It shall have the following sections:

General and Economic Geology Section

  • Conducts geological mapping, and other specialized studies involving stratigraphy, structural geology and tectonics, and geomorphology, among others;
  • Conducts mineral exploration (including characterization and modeling of mineral deposits);
  • Undertakes the evaluation of proposed mineral reservation;
  • Conducts validation and inventory of mineral resource;
  • Assists in the evaluation of mining tenements in relation to mineral exploration;
  • Conducts Information, Education and Communication (IEC) campaigns on geosciences (includng geology, geohazard, rocks and mineral deposits, hydrogeology).

Hydrogeology and Environmental Geology Section

  • Conducts hydrogeological exploration and vulnerability assessment; and
  • Conducts geo-environmental studies (including assessment of possible solid waste disposal sites and suties on climate change and other environmental impacts).

Geohazard and Engineering Geology Section

  • Conducts geohazard and risk assessment (including hazard modelling, and engineering geological studies);
  • Conducts relocation/resettlement and evacuation site assessment in support to disaster risk reduction and management programs; and
  • Undertakes geological scoping and review of engineering geological and geohazard assessment reports.

Geological Laboratory Services Section

  • Provides services on gelogical laboratory analysis of minerals/ores, rocks, soil, sediments, fossils, water and other types of samples.